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CodeNameUseExpirationPill ImagePackage Image
724Melatonin Tablet
5 mg
Sleep Aid3 yrsMelatonin Tablet 5 mgMelatonin
725Hair, Skin & Nails Multi-vitamin TabletHair, Skin & Nails Supplement3 yrsHair, Skin & Nails Multi-Vitamin TabletHair, Skin & Nails
726Vitamin D3
2000 IU
Growth and Development3 yrsVitamin D3 2000 IU TabletVitamin D3 2000 IU
727Milk Thistle Seed Extract Tablet
175 mg
Liver Supplement3 yrsMilk Thistle Seed Extract Tablet 175 mg Milk Thistle Extract
306Magnesium Oxide Tablet
420 mg
Magnesium Supplement3 yrsMagnesium Oxide Tablet 420 mgMagnesium Oxide

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